【Cleanup 清洁】塘朗山爬山环保行 Tanglang Shan Hiking&Trash Picking

Sat, 09 Dec 2023 10:00:00 GMT+08 ~ Sat, 09 Dec 2023 18:00:00 GMT+08


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    Tanglang Mountain is located in Nanshan District, Shenzhen, and is one of the highest peaks in the city. Climbing to the top of Tanglang Mountain allows you to have a panoramic view of the beautiful scenery of Shenzhen.


    Looking out from one side of the mountaintop, you can see the majestic landscape where mountains, cities, and sea coexist harmoniously. In the distance are rolling mountains, while nearby are bustling cities and vast oceans. This unique scenery makes people marvel at the perfect combination of nature and modern cities.


    On the other side lies an uninterrupted mountainous area with undulating hills and lush green trees. Here, you can escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the tranquility of nature. Strolling through the verdant forest, listening to the chirping of insects and birds, and feeling the breath of nature, it feels like being in a paradise away from the world.



    Climbing to the top of Tanglang Mountain does not require traveling far. It has convenient transportation, as you can take a bus or drive there yourself. It is an ideal leisure vacation spot suitable for families or friends to visit together and enjoy the pleasures of a natural journey. Whether it's appreciating the beautiful scenery or relaxing your mind and body, Tanglang Mountain is an excellent choice.




    ITINERARY 行程安排

    2024-12-9 Saturday 星期六 

    10:00  在7号线桃源村地铁站D出口合   Meet at exit F of Taoyuancun Metro Station of Line 8

    10:10 做热身运动准备上山  Warm-up before climb mountain

    10:20 开始爬山 Start climb mountian

    12:00 山顶休息,清洁山顶,午餐,自我介绍,互动等 Lunch break, Mountaintop cleanup, selt introduction to know about each other

    14:30 开始下山,并沿途捡垃圾 Starting going down the mountain and pick up trash on the way back

    16:00 下山后自由选择聚餐或者回家 Dinner after finish or go home

    Hiking Leader 领队介绍

    领队 Hiking Leader:大海  Barry


    What to Bring 必备物品

    1,Dressing 服装:Hiking Shoes 登山鞋,Backpack 登山背包

    2,Food 饮食:2L water and Lunch, 1升水和简易午餐

    3,Cleanup Equipment 清洁用品: Glvoes/Clips 手套/钳子,Used shopping bags 用过的购物袋

    4,Bring Happy Spirit 带上快乐的心情:Sharing, Caring and Tolerant 分享,关心,包容

    加入微信群 Wechat Group


    Please enter our wechat group after you sign up to share photos and videos and also get to know each other after events.


    志愿者招募 Volunteers Wanted

     If you wanna be our Photographer, Writer,  please contact our event leader by wechat: 13612837955


    Partnership 合作伙伴

    If you wanna partner with us on this type of events in future, please contact Angela (WeChat ID: angelayanzi).

    如想和绿脚丫合作此类的活动,请联系Angela(Wechat: angelayanzi)


    【安全事项 Safety Measures】

    1. 户外人少处步行、骑行或锻炼时,可以不戴口罩,剧烈运动时,不宜戴口罩,避免增加心肺负荷;


       When going outdoor walking, cycling or exercising,  people may not need to wear a mask . When       exercising vigorously, they should not wear a mask to avoid increasing the cardiopulmonary load; If you encounter someone, please take the initiative to keep a distance of more than one meter; When the crowd is relatively dense, remember to wear a mask. 

    2. 安全码在进入公园、景区等公共场所时,请提前预约,出示随申码,配合测体温,积极配合管理方落实各项防控措施。

        When entering public places such as parks and scenic spots, please make an appointment in advance for the security code, show the code that is included with the application, cooperate with the temperature measurement, and actively cooperate with the management to implement various prevention and control measures. 

    3. 咳嗽、打喷嚏时,用纸巾或肘部掩住口鼻,口鼻分泌物或吐痰时,用纸巾包好,弃置于垃圾箱内;

        When coughing or sneezing, cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or elbow, wrap your mouth and nose with secretions or spit, and put it in the trash box;


    【Declaimer 免责申明】

    This is not a professionally guided tour. Hiking endures many risks. Green Foot will not be held liable, both legally and medically, for any harm that occures from our activities. We encourage everyone to hike within their limits. 


    绿脚丫活动宗旨 Green Foot Event Etiquette

    We go to the nature to clean up the rubbish left in nature, also its an experience for attendees to learn to respect the nature without hurting or influencing them. Except photos, we don't leave any trace.


    1,必须自带垃圾袋装自己的垃圾,并且带走Please bring rubbish bags to take your own rubbish and take away

    2,不可以抓任何海洋生物 Not allowed to scare or catch any marine lives

    3 ,任何我们去过的地方 Clean up every place we go and stay

    【绿脚丫简介 Green Foot Introduction



    Greenfoot is an international environment care community that advocates environmental protection as a life attitude and way of social life. We pursue minimalism and quality life, transcend material dependence, and focus on the world, environment, people and hearts. Founded in 2015, it is headquartered in Shenzhen and has branches in many cities in China. We promote environmental awareness in a life-oriented and social way. As an international social platform, we have gathered environmental enthusiasts from more than 30 countries and influenced more than 100,000 people through online and offline activities. We strive to connect a wider range of people and continue to work for a green world!


    绿脚丫精神 Green Foot Spirit】 

       Its cleaner when you leave.


       Money is yours, resources are ours.


       Nobody stands alone.


       Bring your smile and open heart.


    获奖 AWARDS


    Wang Linyan, founder of Green Foot, was honored to be invited as a TEDx speaker at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen, to share Green Foot’s philosophy. This is an important achievement of Greenfoot in terms of sustainable development and environmental protection. It will spread environment awareness to more people and promote sustainable actions.



    Green Foot was awarded the Outstanding Progress in Envioronmental Protection by 2018 Green Asia-Pacific Environmental Protection Achievement Awards, which has great impact on environemtal protection in Asia-Pacific areas. 


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